INVELOVERITAS is a clothing brand that reflects on the meanings of tradition in the contemporary world.
Through the observation of contemporary society, Inveloveritas reinterprets the geometries, motifs, textures and colours of the Sardinian tradition in art and crafts, to give them a “new tradition” in the present.
The choice to redesign the classic model of an island wants to trigger the re-appropriation and use, in the present, of the drawings and models of history, from every facet.


The brand uses different types of techniques, be they classic or innovative: the digital-designed graphics are printed with traditional screen printing and enriched by hand painting on fabric; the projects on paper become digital embroideries. The contemporary designs recall shapes and suggestions of local cultures from which the brand originates.
The choice of materials aims to achieve good quality products, recognizable by Customers as a result of careful research,both in the creative process and in the production phase.


Inveloveritas is inspired by the philosophy of collaboration, promoting workshops with artists and artisans, pushing for the enhancement of a production process as much as possible locally but otherwise made in Italy.
Woman is the greatest inspiration of this creative work and Inveloveritas supports the gender issue by implementing projects that contribute to the process of change.
The brand believes in the potential of the fashion world as a means of social commitment.
The result of this path are accessories that generate (and are generated by) senses, meanings and reflections on cultures and societies, on identity and freedom.


Giuseppe Scalas and Maria Francesca Maniga are the designers of the Inveloveritas brand.
Giuseppe Scalas combines the passion for art, design and craftsmanship to social commitment in the field of creative education. The graphic expression of his hand and digital drawings is strongly influenced by the precision and essentiality of geometric shapes and colors, favouring the creation of modular decorative motifs.
Maria Francesca Maniga, graduated in patternmaking; she has always been attracted by the shapes of the human body, and she merges the passion for the essential lines of her beloved female silhouettes to that for the bright and bold colors, bringing together in hand painting the different impulses of ideas.
Both fascinated by the architecture of traditional Sardinian clothing sets, they look at craftsmanship and design as an opportunity for social commitment and aim to offer items that are vehicles of meaning and bridges of communication.



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